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Title Summary Tags
acid Freshwater with acidic base status, often found in upland pools and bogs, or within lowland heaths. resource
Acid mire fidelity score A measure of how strongly species are associated with acid mire habitats quality index
acid-neutral Freshwater with base status in the neutral to acidic range. resource
acidic Associated with sites that are of generally low pH, as a direct result of the nature of the geology. resource
aerial branches Aerial dead branches are an especially important habitat for many beetles which are associated with decay caused by smaller fungi such as Peniophora species, Vuilleminia comedans and Stereum species. resource
all habitats Ubiquitous species that utilise widespread resources and show no particular habitat preference. label
animal/plant remains Ubiquitous species that utilise dead organic matter within a wide range of habitats. label
ant nests Breeding aggregation of social ants, frequently underground but often with significant above ground presence. resource
aquatic: sparsely vegetated Either no, or very little vegetation, and comprises mostly of exposed silt and sand, making the ground substrate very obvious. resource
aquatic: well vegetated Dominated by the stems and foliage of plants, be they fully aquatic, or emergent. The ground substrate underneath is not that obvious. resource
arboreal A habitat in and on trees, including the canopy, trunks and branches. habitat