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Labels The labels include synanthropic, parasite, ubiquitous, extinct, unknown, vagrant/introduced and include species not associated with a natural habitat. general glossary
lake Large bodies of open standing freshwater habitat
lakeside emergent/aquatic vegetation Emergent and aquatic plants found in the shallower parts of lakes. resource
larvae ground active/pupate in soil Tree-associated species that have larvae associated with the ground or soil resource
larvae root feeders Tree-associated species that have larvae feeding on roots resource
LC Least concern in Great Britain status
LC (European) Least concern in Europe status
LC (Global) Least concern globally status
leaves (miners) Species with larvae that feed between the upper and lower layers of leaves, creating a mine through the leaf as they feed. Many species develop inside a single leaf, some transfer between several leaves during their larval development. resource
leaves and/or stems Species feed on leaves or green stems. resource
Legal Protection Species given some form of special protection through wildlife legislation. status
lichen Species is associated with epiphytic lichens resource
light shade Species associated with lighter shade conditions, within sheltered woodland resource
limestone A sedimentary rock, in this instance, consisting of hard outcrops of rocks as opposed to soft chalky/sandy rock. resource
litter & ground layer A terrestrial layer consisting of a mixture of soil and often, plant litter. resource
living sapwood Species feeding on living sapwood. resource