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tall sward & scrub Areas of dense herbage or partial shade where a humid microclimate is maintained at ground level. Dominance by woody plants is limited by exposure, grazing or cutting of vegetation, but they often form an important component of the habitat. habitat
temporary water dependant Small water bodies (small ponds, depressions or ruts) that completely dry up for part of the year, leaving no standing water. Usually free of fish and other predators that require a water body all year around. resource
terrestrial aspect Many species have a terrestrial aspect to their lives. This could include pupation in the soil, feeding on the ground in fruits that have fallen etc. resource
tidal litter An accumulation of dead plant remains and other material either on the surface or buried by wave action in the top layers of sand and silt. resource
tree pools Tree associated pools come in many forms. These are not rot holes in the sense of being derived from fungal decay of wood, but cavities in which debris rots. resource
tree-associated A biotope associated with woodland and wood-pasture systems. broad biotope
trunk & branches Arboreal species associated with the trunk and branches (as opposed to the leaf canopy) of living trees. resource
trunks & branches Species associated with the outer layers of decaying trunk and branches. resource