Taxon groups

The table below is a listing by invertebrate order and their representation within Pantheon. In many cases there is total representation of a family. There are likely to be additional families and a few orders added to the dataset over time, to improve the faunal representation in collected samples.

Title Common name Total in Pantheon Does this fully represent the British Fauna
Aculeate Hymenoptera Bees, wasps and ants 616 Yes
Amphipoda Freshwater and brackish crustacean 23 Yes
Annelida Segmented worm 43 No
Anostraca Fairy shrimp 1 Yes
Araneae Spiders and their allies 672 No
Bathynellacea Freshwater crustacea 2 Yes
Bryozoa Bryozoa 7 No
Chilopoda Centipedes 54 Yes
Cnidaria Cnidaria 5 No
Coleoptera Beetles 3845 No
Decapoda Crayfish and their allies 4 Yes
Dermaptera Earwigs 7 Yes
Dictyoptera Cockroaches 9 Yes
Diplopoda Millipedes 61 Yes
Diptera True flies 3597 No
Ephemeroptera Mayflies 51 Yes
Heteroptera Plant bugs and their allies 571 Yes
Homoptera Plant hoppers 375 Yes
Isopoda Woodlice and their allies 45 Yes
Lepidoptera Moths and butterflies 2525 No
Mecoptera Scorpion flies 4 Yes
Megaloptera Alder flies 3 Yes
Mollusca Freshwater and brackish molluscs 264 Yes
Mysidacea A crustacean 1 Yes
Neuroptera Lacewings 62 Yes
Odonata Dragonflies and damselflies 52 Yes
Opiliones Harvestmen 25 Yes
Orthoptera Grasshoppers and crickets 31 Yes
Plecoptera Stoneflies 34 Yes
Pseudoscorpiones Pseudoscorpions 27 Yes
Raphidioptera Snakeflies 4 Yes
Trichoptera Caddisflies 194 Yes