The following caveats should be taken into account when using Pantheon:

  • At present, it is intended solely for use in England and the results may not fully reflect samples from the rest of the UK;
  • It assumes the veracity of data entered into it (that is, Pantheon performs no validation or verification of the species lists uploaded into it);
  • It is the user's responsibility to understand any biases or omissions in the sample data they enter: Pantheon does not undertake any statistical corrections for uneven, biased or missing sample data;
  • Pantheon can only ever be as good as the expert opinion which was coded into it (except in the case of the Specific Assemblage Types, which are based on multivariate analysis); Pantheon is based on the (often incontrovertible) accumulated knowledge of naturalists rather than on scientific evidence. The lack of accurate and universally accepted habitat descriptors also results in less precision;
  • Inevitably in any such complex collation of data errors may exist;
  • An experienced entomologist should be consulted if in any doubt about the use of Pantheon and interpretation of results.

We will endeavour to keep Pantheon up dated at regular intervals. It should be noted that:

  • the associations of most species are fixed, but changes may occur, perhaps especially in concert with climate change;
  • the conservation statuses of species may become out-dated as their fortunes change.