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Webb, J., Heaver, D., Lott, D., Dean, H.J., van Breda, J., Curson, J., Harvey, M.C., Gurney, M., Roy, D.B., van Breda, A., Drake, M., Alexander, K.N.A. and Foster, G. (2017). Pantheon - database version x.x.x. [online] Available at: [Accessed Date Accessed].

Replacing x.x.x. with the version of Pantheon used (found at the bottom of the page) and replacing Date Accessed with the date Pantheon was used.


Project manager: Jon Webb

ISIS: The original concept for ISIS was developed by Jon Webb and Derek Lott (Webb and Lott 2006). The detailed coding (the difficult part) was carried out by Derek Lott, Martin Drake and Keith Alexander with additional thoughts supplied by Jon Webb, Garth Foster, Mike Edwards, Roger Key, Alan Stewart, Mark Parsons, Jonty Denton, Adam Bates, Ian Wallace, Mick Eyre and Lizzy Peat.

Pantheon: The concept was developed by Jon Webb and David Heaver on the back of Natural England Research Report 024 (Webb et. al., 2010). The species typing was undertaken by Jon Webb, David Heaver and Jon Curson, with valuable comments being supplied by Keith Alexander, Bex Cartwright, Tim Cox, Steve Falk, Garth Foster, Mark Gurney, Sarah Henshall, Peter Kirby, Craig Macadam, Jane Sear, Andrew Skinner, Kelly Thomas and Alan Stubbs. The Intellectual Property Right authorisations, authors and their publications for indices and scoring systems used within the habitat fidelity scores are listed within the About Pantheon pages.

Database creation and online development: John van Breda, Andrew van Breda, Hannah Dean, Jim Bacon and Martin Harvey.

Thanks go to Tim Hill, whose unerring support has allowed the project to develop and grow.

Natural England and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology have resourced this database.

The Pantheon Steering Group consists of representatives from Buglife, RSPB, University of East Anglia, Natural England and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology.


Pantheon is dedicated to the late, great Derek Lott. Derek‚Äôs knowledge, perseverance and good nature were all pivotal in the creation of the original ISIS, and there is a large part of him in Pantheon. He is greatly missed.

Photo of Derek Lott