Welcome to Pantheon, the tool to help you analyse your invertebrate species samples. The Pantheon team welcomes feedback, which you can send via the various methods on the Contact page.

The draft Aculeate Hymenoptera status values in Pantheon have reverted to those of the 1991 Status Review, for the time being. The draft statuses will be revised over the coming months.

The UK has a long tradition of recording and latterly of deciding on concepts of national rarity and threat. From Eversham’s 1983 treatise on it, there have been variants and additions, ending up with Nationally Rare, Nationally Scarce, and the well-known list of IUCN Threat categories.

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Pantheon is an analytical tool developed by Natural England and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology to assist invertebrate nature conservation in England. Users import lists of invertebrates into Pantheon, which then analyses the species, attaching associated habitats and resources, conservation status and other codings against them.

This information can then be used to assign quality to sites, assist in management decisions and augment other ecological study.

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To be able to enter your own species lists or to see records entered by others you must first register with Pantheon.

Registration is simple. Complete the form with your name and email address then wait for the message we send you which contains a link allowing you to set a password and log in.

If you have already registered and need to log in, use the link in the menu bar.

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It is essential that you read the disclaimer before using Pantheon.
Pantheon does not cover:

  • the fully marine environment, although though it does cover lagoons, brackish water and saltmarsh, or
  • all UK species, and will have limited application to near continental Europe.