Import CSV file

For this process your records need to be saved in a comma-separated text file (.csv). The file must contain a minimum of three columns:

  • Species
  • Date
  • Grid reference or other spatial reference

It is also highly recommended that you include a location name.

It is important that you use a single grid reference and date for all taxa you wish to include in your sample. Failure to apply this rule will result in each entry being viewed as a separate single species sample. You will then be unable to analyse your entire list in one report as Pantheon does not currently let you combine samples for analysis. For samples collected from multiple locations and dates, use the most recent date and the lowest spatial resolution to encompass all locations (e.g. 10km grid square).

Once your sample has been imported then it will be visible and can be analysed by anyone logged into Pantheon. If you want to keep your sample list private, then we recommend that you use the "Paste species list" option.

Further instructions on how to load a csv file or paste a species list can be found in the user guide.

Import CSV file