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old Species that is associated with old foliage leaves or stems (mature or starting to wither or decay). resource
on ground in fruits A largely arboreal species that is associated with fruits on the ground for part of its life-cycle. resource
open habitats Open vegetative grassland swards, dwarf herb communities and open, bare ground not associated with woodland closed canopies. Soils can be dry to damp, but are not generally permanently wet. broad biotope
open short sward This assemblages occurs in poached short sward grassland, especially calcareous grassland, but not in uniform, dense sward grassland where moist conditions prevail at ground level. SAT
open water in acid mire The assemblage type is found in lochans and temporary peat pools mainly in upland areas, but also at lower altitudes in northern districts. SAT
open water on disturbed mineral sediments Its natural habitats probably include coastal marshes and large river floodplains subject to periodic heavy flooding events, but it is also dominant in gravel pits and quarry pools and is one of the few assemblages to benefit from large scale anthropogenic disturbance. SAT