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Title Summary Tags
ubiquitous Species that are widespread in many habitats and show no particular habitat preference. label
undergrowth Species associated with ground-layer vegetation within shaded woodland. resource
understorey Species only associated with the canopy of trees and shrubs in the woodland understorey. resource
undisturbed fluctuating marsh This distinctive assemblage is best expressed in floodplains and the draw-down zones of reservoirs, but can also occur on the edges of fens and seepages where its presence can indicate that the site is becoming dryer. SAT
unknown A species where there is little or no current information about its ecology. label
unknown Unknown if species has the trait or uses the resource resource
Unknown A few micromoths are listed as status Unknown status
unmodified fast flowing streams Found within and on the margins of fast-flowing streams, especially in moss on bedrock and boulders often in the splash zone of waterfalls and torrents. resource
unshaded seepage Associated with seepages in open conditions (i.e. not in woodlands or under tree cover). resource
upland Species associated with often open habitats usually above 300m altitude, often consisting of moorland, blanket bogs, Nardus grassland, snow bed and montane heaths and boulder screes. habitat