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Titlesort descending Summary Tags
white rot Fungal rot that digests all of the wood, including the lignin. resource
wood decay in soil Dead and deaying wood, such as roots of dying trees, covered by soil. resource
wood products Synanthropic species associated with wood products such as building timber. label
woodland habitat The habitat of the species. These include ant nests, bumble bee nests, fungal fruiting bodies, within soil and many more. subheading
woodland litter Associated with leaf litter, twigs or other ground-layer plant material within shaded woodlands. resource
woodland sandy soils Associated with sandy soils within shaded woodlands. resource
woodland seepage Associated with seepages in woodland. resource
woodland stream Associated with streams in woodlands. resource
woodmould Accumulations of woody material, fungi and animal fragments that can be found filling up within the centre of a hollow tree. It varies from sawdust to tree fragments in consistency. resource
young leaves/shoots Species that only feed on very young leaves, that have yet to become tough and unpalatable. resource