Western peat bog indicators - spiders

Spider indicator species for peat bogs in western Britain

This lists 71 spiders showing a high measure of naturalness from western peat bog systems, under conditions where good peatland naturalness occurs when the naturalness measure >0.5, the Spider SQI >1.8, and with sampling rules applied. The database returns a count of those matching species from the list in the sample. It is unclear how eastern bogs fare under this measure, and there is currently little overall context for it, so it should be used cautiously.

Pantheon returns a score that is simply the total number of species in a sample that are listed as indicator species.

For more information see: Scott, A.G., Oxford, G.S., Selden, P.A. 2006. Epigeic spiders as ecological indicators of conservation value for peat bogs, Biological Conservation, Vol. 127(4): 420–428.